Sunday, July 5, 2009

django-sorting a generic way of queryset sorting

Just found a great project django-sorting. It's a generic way of queryset sorting.
It's based on middleware, and templatetag.

Please read the README.txt of the project.

In couple easy steps you get sorting:

1. Download & install django-sorting
2.In your
- add 'django-sorting' to INSTALLED_APPS
- add 'django_sorting.middleware.SortingMiddleware' to MIDDLEWARE_CLASSES
(make sure 'django.core.context_processors.request' is in your TEMPLATE_CONTEXT_PROCESSORS
3. In your template code: (the one below goes directly from README.txt

{% anchor first_name "First Name" %}
{% anchor last_name "Last Name" %}
{% anchor creation_date Creation flojax my_container %}

The first argument is a field of the objects list, and the second

one(optional) is a title that would be displayed. The previous

snippet will be rendered like this:

First Name
Last Name


You should also use django-pagination for pagination support written by Eric as well.

Thank you ERIC!

Ps. Big thanks go to Karim (first author of django-sorting code) and other contributtors of these 2 great projects.

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