Friday, February 29, 2008

FreeBSD 7.0 arrived

FreeBSD 7.0 offers new great features. You can read about them all here

With this release we can see a huge performance
improvements. Just take a look at these MySQL tests! It looks very promising.

It would be great if ULE scheduler was stable enough to be included in 7.1 release.

During my work at the company where MySQL was widely used, I had to use linuxthreads
package to get similar to linux performance (well, that's because we used FreeBSD 4.X then). Linux (mostly 2.6) is treated as a better
Operating system for MySQL. Is it high time to change it? :-). Go FreeBSD!

Take a look at graphs at:

Monday, February 25, 2008

Some very usable django apps

I was looking for some easy to plug-in django apps
for my new service.

Here are some I decided to use:


They seem to be rock stable, and easy to use.

Check back soon for more info about the new website.