Friday, May 16, 2014

Disney Cars 2 game problem windows 8

Maybe this solution will work for you ?

My son loves the Disney Cars 1 & 2 games. Well.. he loves Disney Cars movies as well :) This game is not supported on windows 8 (especially running on Intel HD4000 graphic card) but it works.. It hangs randomly but we can play. Suddenly I noticed that it no longer runs.
The process starts and crashes after 10 seconds. Using a grat AppCrashView app I found that the process loads a Bitdefener antivirus module which I have installed 2 days before we tried to play Cars again.

Here's the line:

LoadedModule[4]=C:\Program Files\Bitdefender\Antivirus Free Edition\avc3\avc3_sig_241\avcuf32.dll

After uninstalling the antivirus the game works fine. Yeah!

Though I love Bitdefender I have to admit that I can't use it with Cars game. Back to Avast.
Sorry. Maybe this is not your fault Bitdefender. Maybe the problem related to other games. Who knows.

Hope you find this post and it will save your time. Have a nice gaming!

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