Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Clearly and IReader - Safari Reader in your Chrome and Firefox

If you are a Safari user and use the "reader" function you will find such functionality missing in Google Chrome / Firefox.

IReader @ Chrome

Safari Reader is a nice builtin function that makes reading long articles easy. It removes banners so the article looks more like reading a plain book.
There are 2 extensions I found nice.

1. IReader (Chrome / Firefox )
2. Clearly (Chrome / Firefox )

Clearly @ Chrome
Try both. Haven't read the code, but seems like IReader parses the HTML code on site load what makes site loading slower (it's just my assumption). When IReader is available for the page, new icon appears in omnibox.
Clearly icon is always visible in the extensions box.

Yeah.. I'm a strong chrome extensions opponent.. it makes Chrome slooower.

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